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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dayle and Anke off to Europe

Yesterday Alex and I took Dayle and Anke to the airport, Anke was so excited as she will be seeing her family and her gorgeous nephew Malte. Here is a photo of them on the plane!
After dropping them off Alex and I headed to Port Melbourne for breakfast, we parked in Graham Street and had a look around. We found a lovely Italian cafe and had breakfast together, it is so nice to sit, eat, chat and catch up, Alex and I are so busy with work and everyday life we don't get to do this very often. After breakfast I took Alex to Thomas Dux, he was very impressed and has decided Thomas Dux is his type of supermarket. We got back to the car and you would not believe it, it wouldn't start. We called RACV and it was the battery, how ironic Dayle and Anke told me to start the car every now and again as the battery may go flat. I didn't expect it to go flat that quick.

When I was on the phone to RACV Alex and I were in stitiches, the RACV girl was asking for information about the car, as it's not my car I had no idea, Alex is trying to read the information from the registration sticker, I decided to open the glove box to see if there was anything in there, the glove box falls out, I went to grab it and accidentally hit Alex on his head. Talk about comedy capers, we both laughed so much I couldn't even speak, the poor RACV girl had no idea what was going on.

Seriously you had to be there, one memorable moment Alex and I will not forget. It all ended well as the car did need a new battery after all! Happy Travels Dayle and Anke, enjoy your time in Europe.

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