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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dave & Carrolyn's Wedding!

Yesterday was my cousin Carrolyn and Dave's Wedding, what an amazing day, everything was perfect. The Wedding started at 3pm  Carrolyn was 38 minutes late, when she arrived on her Dad's arms she make a grant entrance. Tathra Chapel was the perfect setting, the Wedding party consisted of five bridesmaids, one matron of honor, five groomsmen, one bestman and three pageboys. The girls were in burgundy/red dresses and the boys were in grey suits, the pageboys all wore hats and sunglasses.

The Groom looked as dashing as ever, and the beautiful Carrolyn was the perfect bride, she looked stunning, her bouquet was made up of burgundy/red roses. The chapel were they were married by our uncle, Fr John Magri is surrounded by towering gum trees.

As you first enter the Chapel through two large French doors you are instantly presented with a stunning view of the gardens through the 15 foot high, floor to ceiling windows, creating a stunning backdrop.
The Chapel was designed to allow an abundance of natural light to filter through the floor to ceiling windows, giving the feeling of a garden ceremony with the comfort and tradition that comes with an indoor ceremony. 20 French style windows line the walls of the chapel, with 6 French doors leading out to the large Mirboo deck with flowing stairs down into the garden – this is where we had our group photograph.

The reception was absolutely picturesque, a roaring wood fire adorned the room, as we entered we were greeted with warmth and beauty. Once everyone was seated  the bridal party were introduced and made their grand entrance. When everyone was seated Dave and his bestman had a surprise for the beautiful Carrolyn, the best man played a Ukulele and Dave sang 'want to grow old with you' to his beautiful bride. Everyone was enchanted, so so special!  As Dave is into magic, Carrolyn also had a surprise for him -  Dan the magician appeared, Dave was asked to help out and all sorts of tricks were performed. 

The menu was absolutely delicious - entree was salmon or lamb, main was beef or chicken and desert was panacota with berries and sticky date pudding. 

The speeches were also very entertaining, the brides father was first up with a very short by meaningful speech,  Mary, Carrolyn's sister sang her a song and spoke about the family, the bestman showed us a presentation of guest that had pre recorded messages and spoke about the friendship he shared with the Groom. Last but not least the Groom did his speech with his beautiful bride next to him.

The cake - a 5 tier fruit cake with flowers cascading down one side, created by Mary - Carrolyn's sister.

Reflecting on the night, it was a gathering of love, families, friends and good times, the only thing that I can say should have happened, is that time should have stood still as the night went far too quickly.

 Congratulations to Dave and Carrolyn - this is for the two of you, such wonderful people!


  1. I think the wedding was as close to perfect as you could ever possibly get. And it was a ucalaly he played with and the song was want to grow old with you from the movie the wedding singer :)

  2. Thanks for your input Brad, I can always rely on you my love.